August 19th, 2010


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Уже при самом поверхностном наблюдении нельзя не заметить
тот почти железный закон, что хотя жизненная энергия природы
почти безгранична, формы размножения и продолжения рода и вида
очень ограничены. Каждое животное спаривается только со своим
товарищем по роду и виду. Синичка идет к синичке, зяблик к
зяблику, скворец к скворчихе, полевая мышь к полевой мыши,
домашняя мышь к домашней мыши, волк к волчице и т.д.

(c) Деда в "Майн Кампф"

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крутой футболян гыгыгы


матч между Римом и Флоренцией целиком

FFL - – Fight Football League (FFL), is an organization which promotes a new form of entertainment that takes inspiration from an ancient game called “Harpastum”. This very popular game during Roman Empire was practiced as a training for battle, it is the foundation of modern Soccer and Rugby and it is still played once a year since 1500 in Florence, Italy with the name of “Calcio Storico”. Fightfootball takes the essence of these legendary games, introducing innovative rules and equipment to develop a tough but safe nonconventional postmodern form of sport. In the FFL the objective is to score goal, however, players are aloud to fight their opponents using several fighting techniques. FFL Rules are manifold, it is aloud to fight only one against one, it is not aloud to strike when running or towards whom is running, no hit from the back or on the ground, injuries or KO’s can consequence into the elimination of the player.